Purveyor of Civic Infrastructure, Futurism & The Interior


☺ Civic Infrastructure represents the building blocks of our physical society and the design behind them. Their ubiquitous nature makes them beautiful yet understated. Cement, rebar, traffic dividers, highways, street lamps, & the like, all with their own stories of engineering and utilitarian purposes.


☺ Futurism refers forward thinking in the advent and escalation of technology. There is a deeply entrenched influence of science fiction as a medium and their predictions in our work. 


 The Interior represents the world within. Our mental clarity, spirituality, the recesses of our mind. There is a strange and hidden potential brewing in the human mind that is important but also has been detrimental in our history, this duality has only made it more fascinating. When you can no longer go out, go in.


Clothes are printed by hand. Originally this wasn’t supposed to be some grand gesture we just couldn’t find anyone willing to print in unorthodox spaces on clothing. The risk was too high on per item basis and the positions were too infrequent to make sense for most print shops. Contrary to most companies perfection of design application is not what we strive for, we strive for organic and unique pieces. We pride ourselves on the mantra that there is a great comfort in the fact that each garment we make will not be made the same ever again.


constantly accepting one self more often than ever.